1.GIRLS HOSTEL: It is built with the financial assistance of UGC X plan grants. The hostel is equipped with mess, purified cool drinking water, round medical case, reading room, prayer hall and solar water heater system for students. The details of the accommodation and admission procedure may be obtained from the office of the warden of the hostel.

2.COMPUTER LABORATORY: The institution has a well equipped air conditioned computer laboratory of 18x6 metres dimension. It has well maintained computers for the use of students with internet and Wi-Fi facility. The practical for B.Com, B.Sc. and BBA classes are carried out at this computer laboratory.

3.INTERNET FAILITIES: The institution provides internet facilities to students and staff to enrich their knowledge. A separate internet browsing centre with printer is developed for getting print out for use of the students in the new building. Further library science department office and computer science department office and all the departments are provided with internet facilities.

4.ENGLISH LABORATORY: Considering the growing need for communications skills and meet to these specific needs of the students the college has started english laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with the latest gadgets and software and accommodates 12 students at a time. The students are given the training in communication skills, grammar, phonetic conversation etc. by the tutor on the centrally monitored computer.

5.CONFERENCE HALL: The conference hall of 30x50 feet dimension is located in the main building. It has seating capacity of 200 people, LCD projector facilities are made available in this hall. Various students’ activities lectures by scholars, workshops are performed in this hall.

6.SEMINAR HALL: It is located in the new building. It has a seating capacity of 225 students. Teaching and learning in the college is supported by this well furnished seminar hall. The various facilities provided in the hall are OHP, LCD projector.

7.OPEN AIR THEATRE: Alumni our institution have provided this platform for the house of blooming youth. The topography of the campus scientifically used for this open air theatre. It has six semicircular terraces across the slope with a 20x40 feet stage and a decorated background. Big event are organizes at this theatre.

8. GARDEN: Greenery and echo-friendly atmosphere prevails in the campus. The campus has large number of trees labelled with scientific and common names., Some ornamental, rare and medical plants give aesthetic touch to this garden. It is here the students coming from near by villages enjoy their lunch under the cool shades.

9.ROCK GARDEN: A rock garden is built using local rocks boulders.

10.MEDICINAL PLANT GARDEN: A medicinal garden is developed by the side of department of botany. Nearly fifty indigenous medicinal plants are reared in the garden. It also consists of some endangered piece of plants/ Consultancy services are provided by the department at free of cost for the needy.

11.VERMI TECHNOGY UNIT: A vermi compositing unit is developed by the side of department of zoology. The pit and pot system of vermi compositing is practiced. The spices reared is african night cracoler E. Euginiae. It is developed to give knowledge of vermin compositing to students and petty farmers in and around Gokak. The consultancy service are provided at free of cost to the needy farmers.

12.WRANGLER D.C. PAVATE SCIENCE CENTRE: The science centre was established in the year 1990 under the charter presidentship of Dr.A.K.Kadkol, the chairman board of management of Gokak society, Gokak. Prof. K.C. Hatpaki is leading the centre as a co-ordinator. It is voluntary organization affiliated to Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishath, Banglore. It has 74 life members, out of which board of directors of G.E.Society and large number of faculty member of J.S.S College Gokak are actively participating in the activities of science centre, along with other members.

13.EARN WHILE LEARNING: To supplement the financial needs and to make the students time useful, earn and learn scheme introduced. Sampling are reared by students with the help of faulty members. Later they are sold to the public. The income generated is shared between students and the college for maintenance.

a)Staff quarters.
b)Guest house
c)Ladies room
d)Rest room for physically challenged students.
e)Commerce laboratory
f)College canteen